NIAGRA: 100% Natural Anti-ED Formula

  • Take 1 hr. before sex for long sustained erections
  • Long period of effectiveness up to 24 hours
  • Harder erection, better sexual stamina and libido
  • Low price
  • No prescription required

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Currently, NIAGRA is certified to be the only
natural formula containing all the ingredients required
for helping the patient produce a strong healthy erection.
Its 24-hour long-lasting effect also makes it one of the
best anti-ED formulas currently available for purchase.

Stunning power of Viagra™ in the 100% safe all-natural anti-ED formula of NIAGRA!

No more need to risk good sex Simply take 1 hr before sex fopr a rock harfd erection every time!
NIAGRA never fails to help you acquire three essential elements of a healthy sexual intercourse:

• The ability to get an erection
• An erection hard enough for sex
• Long-lasting erection

Almost every man happens to cope with erection problems at a certain point of his lifetime. There are a large number of factors that can cause it – occasional cases of it may be due to stress or side effects of some medication while regular failure to conduct a healthy sexual intercourse is usually a symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Prolonged clinical testing proved unprecedented efficiency rate of NIAGRA in treating ED.

best anti-ED formula

NIAGRA is a scientifically developed and carefully tested natural medication comprising a unique combination of potent herbal extracts. It doesn’t matter whether the reasons for your sexual problems are physical or psychological – NIAGRA herbal anti-ED formula will still work for you!

The authentic herbal formula was developed during a long period of efficiency and compatibility testing of numerous natural ingredients and finally formed into the potent anti-ED medication, which it is now.

How does NIAGRA work?

The effect produced by NIAGRA is similar to that of the majority of anti-ED meds. The main ingredient of this natural formula is Niacin, which increases the blood flow towards the patient’s penile body resulting in a healthy stiff erection.

A prolonged series of clinical tests has shown the ability of NIAGRA to help men get an erection hard and lasting enough for a successful sexual intercourse.

NIAGRA vs. Prescription Meds

NIAGRA shows better results. Always.

At the moment there are more than a million regular consumers of NIAGRA – more than a million men who no longer have any problems related to ED! We sell our unique herbal anti-ED formula worldwide through a network of local distributors in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the countries of the European Union.

The latest reports based on the data collected throughout the 1st quarter of the year 2008 show that:

• At least 86% of our customers were satisfied by the way NIAGRA worked for them (there was no comments, either positive or negative, from the rest 14%)
• At least 91% of our customers noticed the multiple positive effects that NIAGRA produced on them (better erections, sexual stamina and increased sex drive being the most frequently mentioned)
• At least 96% of our customers claimed they were feeling more confident about their erection after taking NIAGRA

The effects of therapy with NIAGRA

The major effects of the therapy with NIAGRA are the following:


  • Hard erection reached by means of soft sexual stimulation
  • Increased strength of erection
  • Longer lasting erection

Other effects of the therapy with NIAGRA also include:

  • Better sexual stamina
  • Increased sex drive
  • More powerful orgasms
  • Increased confidence
Attributes NIAGRA ED Drug A ED Drug B
Full effectiveness period 24 hours 6 hours 10 hours
Unpleasant or dangerous side effects No Yes Yes
Sex drive enhancement Yes No No
Sexual stamina and energy enhancement Yes No No
Low price Yes No No
Warranty Yes No No

Test NIAGRA yourself right now!

If you are in need of a medication able to improve your sex stamina, libido and confidence along with sparing you from the symptoms of ED, then you just have to try NIAGRA!

With NIAGRA your partner will never be left dissatisfied!

NIAGRA is one of the most potent anti-ED remedies of today – and the best thing is that it’s available without prescription!

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